Welcome at the shop page. The items here are designed for the monday.com platform. When you click on an item you can view a short video and read the documentation. When you purchase an item the documentation is made available for download.

Master Detail

Master – Detail

Master boards watches supported columns (Number, Status, Timeline and Time Tracker) on any number of Detail boards and show totals (average, min & max also supported) in a single row per Detail board. Everything is controlled from the Master board

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Convert Timeline

Start + End = Timeline

Ever imported data from Excel (or any other data source) containing start and end dates? You probably wondered how to convert the dates into the monday.com Timeline column so it shows nicely in the Timeline view. With this feature you

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Auto ID

AutoID Column

AutoID Colum let you configure an auto increment ID with a preceding text, a starting number and a minimal number of digits. The AutoID is stored in the specified text column. When added to the board the recipe can be

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Vote To Group

Vote to Group

Vote to Group moves an item which receives the specified number of votes to the specified group in the same board. When added to the board the recipe can be configured with the sentence: When number of vote column reaches

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Monday.com’s solutions help you to provide just sufficient structure for your teams to work together as efficiently as possible. Ideal for a SCRUM approach or just when there are a few jobs to be done.
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With your preference for a structured team approach, you will certainly feel at home with monday.com’s solutions. Communication, planning and file sharing in one structured environment.
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