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2 AutoID Column

AutoID Column

AutoID Colum let you configure an auto increment ID with a preceding text, a starting number and a minimal number of digits. The AutoID is stored in the specified text column. When added to the board the recipe can be

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2 Rollup Multiple Boards

Rollup Multiple Boards

Rollup Multiple Boards (RMB) gives you the possibility to create new boards from monday.com account templates. You can build different templates for different project types and still rollup information to a higher level. This higher level board can roll up

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2 Match Index Column

Match Index Column

Match Index Column works like the famous Excel formulas MATCH() and INDEX(). It copies the contents of a cell from a source board to the target board when the values in the match columns are equal. Most importantly the column type in the target board is the same as the column type in the source board. Therefore you can use the cell contents in the target board for any other monday.com automation.

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2 Date To Timeline

Start + End = Timeline

Ever imported data from Excel (or any other data source) containing start and end dates? You probably wondered how to convert the dates into the monday.com Timeline column so it shows nicely in the Timeline view. With this feature you

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2 Status Controlled Groups

Status Controlled Groups

Status Controlled Groups moves an item in a given group to another group on status change. The move will only take place if the item lives within the group specified. With this you can easily transform your groups to process

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2 Date Controlled Groups

Date Controlled Groups

With Date Controlled Groups your items are reordered at the specified schedule and moved to groups based on the “time left until deadline”. (Re)set your priorities every time period by scheduling when the recipes that control the movement of items into groups executes.

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