Privacy Policy

Information stored at this website

Here at Excellent Team we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the services you have requested from us. You have full control over the data we share with other registered members at Excellent Team through the Privacy tab in your personal Account page. Excellent Team stores the following information of registered members:

  • username (made up by yourself) to uniquely identify you
  • First and Last Name to identify your content
  • Email address to send notifications and messages
  • Function and Company so other registered members can put your content in context
  • account URL (see Apps section) in case your purchased one or more Apps for
  • Any other information you decided to share on your profile or elsewhere on the platform

The aforementioned information is not shared with any third party. You can delete your account and all data associated with it through your account page, this will anonymize content you have created (like group posts and comments). If you want to delete all the content you created at Excellent Team, please send an email to requesting content deletion before you delete your account. 

During account registration you had the possibility to subscribe to one or more mailing lists. You can unsubscribe yourself through the Notifications tab in your personal Account page or at the bottom of each mail send to the mailing list.

Information stored in the Apps framework for

The Apps for available on this website use a common framework. This framework provides the functionality for the Apps and runs within a subdomain of this website ( Within this framework a database is used to store information needed for the Apps to function correctly. This database is only accessible within the aforementioned subdomain with the exception of one table that is shared with the website This shared tables stores:

  • your account URL (entered when you purchased the App)
  • you monday accountId (obtained from during installation of the App)
  • AppId and AppName (generated during the purchase and/or installation of the App)
  • Trial date (set when App is installed)
  • Purchase flag (boolean set during the purchase of the App

The Apps framework uses the seamless authorization functionality and your access tokens for are not stored in the database within this framework.

For each App information is stored within the database in a dedicated table for that App. These tables stores information derived from the configuration recipes used in when you configure the Apps. No information from your boards is stored. The tables stores configuration data (accountId, boardIds, columnIds, statusValues, groupIds, webhookIds and automationIds) from your boards where the App is configured. Removing the App from your board also removes this configuration data.