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Match Index Column

Match Index Column works like the famous Excel formulas MATCH() and INDEX(). It copies the contents of a cell from a source board to the target board when the values in the match columns are equal. Most importantly the column type in the target board is the same as the column type in the source board. Therefore you can use the cell contents in the target board for any other monday.com automation. Some highlights.

  • The app is an integration app only (no need to install views)
  • You only need to install the recipe in the target board
  • The app support the name column for matching
  • The column types in target boards (index columns copied and kept in sync form source board(s)) are the same type as in the source board(s) and can be used for further automation
  • When using a status or dropdown columns missing values will be added automatically in the target board
  • You can use forms to add items to the target board and the linked columns (providing there is a match) will be automatically populated

One of the many use cases is enhancing the Stripe integration by showing customer details (name, email etc) from a source board match by the Stripe Customer ID.

The Match Index Column solution can be used on a single target board with as many source boards you need. If you need multiple target boards with source boards connected to it, you can purchase the solution multiple times.

Unlimited Target Boards
€ 1.625