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Rollup Multiple Boards

Rollup Multiple Boards (RMB) gives you the possibility to create new boards from monday.com account templates. You can build different templates for different project types and still rollup information to a higher level. This higher level board can roll up information further up in the pyramid. The hierarchy of boards is maintained in a database that does not contain any of your important board data. To add monday.com templates to the RMB hierarchy use the recipe:

When this status changes to this value create a type board based on this template. Name the new board as “item name – status value” and place link in this column.

When you change the status column to the value specified a new board is created (main, private or shareable) and the relationship between the new board and the board that created it is maintained in a database. You can create as many down level boards as you need.

All other recipes are configured to watch for changes in all the down level boards created. The board where you created the downlevel boards from (let’s call it the “master” board) will receive events when changes occur in any of the downlevel boards. The board on itself can be under watch from a higher level board, creating a real hierarchy of boards. The recipes aggregates data from all items and condense the information in one item. You can chose to see the sum, the average, the minimum value, the maximum value, the earliest date, the latest date, the total time spent or the percentage of status with a given value (percentage of completion). An example of such recipe is:

Watch this number in connected boards and aggregate detailed board items to this column, displaying the operation.

Recipes like this are available for number, status, timeline and time tracker columns (more to come). There is another recipe available to set a status (using the RAG model) in the board based on the statuses in the downlevel boards. This Red-Amber-Green status gives an immediate (and live) overview of the health of all underlying projects.

The output columns that hold the aggregated data from the downlevel boards are plain monday.com columns and can therefore be used in formulas or other automations. Subtract the actual cost from the budgeted cost and alert someone if there is more that 15% overrun. Divide the actual cost by the actual time spend and guard your daily rates.

Please read the “Configuration” and “Usage” sections of the “Details” document for pre-requisites and best practices.

The Rollup Multiple Boards solution can be used on a single board with as many down-level boards you need. If you need multiple (Master) boards with down-level board connected to it, you can purchase the solution multiple times.

Unlimited Master Boards
€ 4.895