AutoID Column

AutoID Colum let you configure an auto increment ID with a preceding text, a starting number and a minimal number of digits. The AutoID is stored in the specified text column.

When added to the board the recipe can be configured with the sentence:

When a new item is created, generate an auto-increment ID – preceded by this text and starting with this number (with the minimum number of digits) – in this column.

The text column specified in this column will be automatically populated with an ID which is preceded by the specified (this text) and starts with this number. The number of digits variable specifies the minimum number of digits. An ID can look like this INV-0100.

It is highly recommended to lock the ID column by clicking the down arrow and choose Column Permissions > Restrict column edit.

**NEW** as of December 24, 2020 you can use fields to build your AutoID. Fields can be inserted in the this text input in between curly brackets. Supported fields are {year}, {quarter}, {month} and {id}. If {id} is omitted the ID-number will be appended to the end of the generated ID (original behavior). For the field {columnid} please consult the documentation.

Auto ID
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