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Sync Subitem Timeline

The Sync Subitem Timelines app keeps two Date columns (start and end) in sync with a Timeline column all living inside a subitem. This is a subitem version of the Start + End = Timeline app offered by Excellent Team.

There are two integration recipes in this app. One is designed for migration or initial sync (triggered on status change) and another one that synchronizes (triggered on column changes). Both recipes can be configured in the directions “Dates to Timeline” or “Timeline to Dates”.

Migration recipe: When this status is set to this value using start date, end date and timeline convert in the pick one direction

Now simply change the status to the selected value (e.g. “Convert”) and the rest is history. Need to convert 100’s of subitems? Just select them all and change the status, grab a quick cup of coffee and see what happened.

Synchronization recipe: When start date, end date or timeline in a subitem changes, synchronize in the pick one direction

With this recipe the app keeps the timeline in sync with the start and end date (or vice versa). This will update the timeline automatically when any of the two dates (start and end) changes, or – if the opposite direction is chosen – update two date columns when the timeline changes. A third option for “pick one” van be used for bi-directional synchronization.