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Delayed Status Change

Delayed Status Change let you configure a delay between two status changes. The first status change will trigger the integration and start the timer. When the configured delay passes the second status column change will be done by the app.

One of the many use cases is: when documentation is sent to a prospect the agent sets the status to “Documentation sent”. There is a recipe that set the status to “Contact prospect” in e.g. 3 business days. From that last status change you can easily configure other automations to notify someone or to assign a different agent to this item.

The integration recipe for this app is very straightforward:

When this status changes to this value wait for this duration to change this status to this value.

You can enter a number and an unit in this duration. Units supported are months, weeks, days, business days, hours, minutes and seconds. The app schedules the action to set the second status to the correct value and writes the same action to a persistent data store. In this way the app survives app and even server restarts.

The definition of business days is: 5 days per week starting with Sunday or Monday (depending on your monday.com account setting for “First Day Of The Week”).