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Status Controlled Groups

Status Controlled Groups moves an item in a given group to another group on status change. The move will only take place if the item lives within the group specified. With this you can easily transform your groups to process or project stages. Every time the user changes the status to e.g. Done the item is advanced to the next group (stage) and the status is reset to e.g. Assigned.

With an advanced recipe you can even specify that the owner should be changed when advancing through your groups.

For example: an item containing a document starts in the group Bronze. When the author (=owner) set the status to Finalized the item is moved to group “Review 1”, the status is reset to Assigned and the people listed as Reviewers are now becoming the owners of the item. The board permissions are set so that only Owners can make changes to the item. When the reviewers set the status to Finalized the item advances to the group “Silver” and the ownership is transferred back to the Author(s). From there on the sub-process starts again until the document is finalized.