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Start + End = Timeline

Ever imported data from Excel or used a Jira integration (or any other data source) containing start and end dates? You probably wondered how to convert the dates into the monday.com Timeline column so it shows nicely in the Timeline view. With this app you can easily do that.

This app provide an integration recipe to keep a start date, an end date and a timeline in sync in any direction (Dates to Timeline / Timeline to Dates / Bi-directional). For situations where you want to build a timeline out of two dates (or vice versa) the app provides an action block that can be used in any custom automation.  You can build any trigger in the custom automation (like create item, status change, etc.) and combine it with the action block provided by this app. It is also possible to use both the custom automation (for the initial conversion) and the integration recipe (to keep the columns in sync).

The integration recipe:

  • When start date, end date or timeline changes, synchronize in the pick one direction

The direction options to chose from are: Dates to Timeline / Timeline to Dates / Bi-directional

The action block for custom automations:

  • Then… using start date, end date and timeline convert in the pick one direction