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Date Controlled Groups

With Date Controlled Groups your items are reordered at the specified schedule and moved to groups based on the “time left until deadline”. (Re)set your priorities every time period by scheduling when the recipes that control the movement of items into groups executes.

The first (and mandatory) recipe defines the schedule to run all the “Date Controlled Groups” recipes on your board and requires just one input field:

Every time period reorder the items in groups specified in the “Date Controlled Groups” recipes.

The rules for moving items are set by the recipe:

On scheduled event check this date and when due in duration move item to this group.

The app prevents specifying rules that check the same date and use the same target group to prevent conflicts. As you can build rules for different date columns there still can be a situation that multiple recipes wants to move an item to different target groups. In this scenario the app calculates which of the rules is based on a date closest by the scheduled time and priorities that move. With this your priority items will always be in the group that is on top of your board. Items with a due date that is passed at the moment the rules are scheduled will not be moved, you can move these items to another group manually or by an automation that triggers on setting a status to Done.