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Round Robin Plus

Round Robin Plus let you select a group that holds all possible agents that can be assigned to new items (tickets) in other groups. When a new item is created the agent is picked from this team when her/his status is set to “Available”. The ticket gets the first available agent assigned and the agents status is also set to assigned.

New tickets should have a default status value (e.g. “New”) by setting item default values or by means of a form. When new tickets arrive when there are no agents available the ticket will stay in the queue until an agent becomes available by setting the status to “Available”.

The recipe for this app is:

When new item is created, assign agent specified in this group and with status set to this state to this column and set agent status to this state. When agent status becomes available check for items with status this state.

The use cases for the Round Robin Plus app are support and call centers.