Report Status to Main

This app provides a recipe called Report Status to Main. The recipe can be used in a scenario where you have a master board (one item per project) and any number of detailed (project) boards. The recipe is configured in the detailed boards with the sentence:

When Status changes report % of Status with Value in this Group to this Board, matched on [MatchID] in board title.

The detailed boards are mapped to the master board by their [MatchID] in the board title. The master board is automatically updated when a status in the detail board is changed with a percentage of a given status (.e.g. “Done”).

It is highly recommended to use the app feature “Keep me unique ” on the master board column holding the MatchID’s. There is also a likewise recipe that reports an average number back to the master board using the same methodology.

This app feature is ideal for people who need to keep an overview over several projects and where the dashboard feature is too heavy or not supporting the number of detailed (project) boards.

Report Status To Main
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