Filter Multiple Boards

Filter Multiple Boards is an extension for the Rollup Multiple Boards (RMB) app and adds filtering capabilities to all down level boards connected to the high level RMB board.

Filtering can be done on matching people in a person column and/or matching values in a dropdown column. The high level board will only aggregate data from down level boards that match the filter rules. With this filtering option you can easily create multiple views for all your down-level boards. As an example: only show the sum of the costs that have the value “reimbursable” in the dropdown values. You need to have the filter columns (people and/or dropdown type) in your template(s).

When you enable at least one filter recipe to your high-level board you can duplicate an item in the high-level board. The duplicated item will have a connection to the same down-level board as the original item.

For the dropdown filter you need to specify the dropdown values either in the template or in the down-level board(s). After that you can add the same values in the high-level board to be able to match on the dropdown values. Any change in the dropdown column (either high-level or down-level board) result in a refresh to ensure your data in the high-level board is always accurate.

For the people filter the people you want to filter on needs to be a member (or an invited guest) in both the high-level and the down-level board.

Please read the “Configuration” and “Usage” sections of the “Details” document for pre-requisites and best practices.

The Filter Multiple Boards solution can be used on a single board with as many down-level boards you need. If you need multiple (Master) boards with down-level board connected to it, you can purchase the solution multiple times.

Filter Multiple Boards
Unlimited Master Boards
€ 895