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Rollup Subitems

The Rollup Subitems app let you display aggregated information from your subitems into the parent item. Out-of-the-box monday.com supports the “Show summary on Parent Item” setting for most of the columns in your subitems. When using this out-of-the-box solution, the parent item will get a new column (special kind of mirror column) that can’t be used for other purposes. Furthermore you can’t run other automations on that summary column.

With this app the aggregated (summarized) data from your subitems will be written in a normal column in the parent item. This column can be used for other purposes (e.g. holding a timeline for those items that do not have subitems). Now, you can use the same column to hold information regardless if your item has subitems or not. As the column used for output in the parent item is just a normal monday.com column, you can also run automations of that column.

The app also support RAG (Red – Amber – Green) column definitions. Based on your own criteria you can set a status column in the parent item to a RAG status. As an example you can set the parent item to “Good” when 80% of its subitems are done, see integration recipe example below:

  • Watch Status  in subitems and set Health to a RAG status where Good >= 80, Bad = in between and Ugly <= 60 – based on the Percentage of Done. Use the filter None.

In the last part of the integration sentences you can specify a named filter. A filter is setup by comparing a specified comma-seperated (CSV) list of values to the content of a dropdown box in each subitem.

The Rollup Subitems solution can be used on a single board. If you want to use this app on multiple boards, you can purchase the solution multiple times.

Unlimited Target Boards
€ 1.495