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2 Round Robin Assignment

Round Robin Assignments

Round Robin Assignments let you select a team that holds all possible people that can be assigned to new items. When a new item is created the person is picked from this team. The app supports two methods of picking a person from the team: Round Robin and Random.

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2 Round Robin Plus

Round Robin Plus

Round Robin Plus let you select a group that holds all possible agents that can be assigned to new items (tickets) in other groups. When a new item is created the agent is picked from this team when her/his status

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2 Vote To Group

Vote to Group

Vote to Group moves an item which receives the specified number of votes to the specified group in the same board. When added to the board the recipe can be configured with the sentence: When number of vote column reaches

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2 Item Per Person

Item per Person

Items per Person let you create an item in any board for each person listed in a people column with a click on a button. The new item(s) are linked back to the original item by either a link or a connected boards column.

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De oplossingen van monday.com helpen u net voldoende structuur aan te brengen om uw teams zo efficiënt mogelijk te laten samenwerken. Ideaal voor een SCRUM aanpak of gewoon als er paar klussen geklaard moeten worden.
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Met uw voorkeur voor een gestructureerde team aanpak zult u zich zeker thuis voelen bij de oplossingen van monday.com. Communicatie, planning en file sharing in één gestructureerde omgeving.
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