Getting Rid of the Whitespace with Our Work OS

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Today’s a big day. We released a new iteration of our platform – monday 2.0 – to transform it into a work operating system (work OS). While our original version of our platform focused on transparency and breaking silos, monday 2.0 moves us even further towards connecting all of data and tools in a unified way, across everything you do at work.

monday 2.0 represents our biggest step yet towards our collective vision – one where our software truly fits the complexities of modern day work.

Our software is changing – and yet we’re still doing things the old way

Our work and work environment have changed. We’re using new, advanced technologies and our mobile phones have become our best friends. We have applications and tools for nearly every need – and these tools are available in a snap.

But we’re still doing things in the same old way – rather than writing letters, we’re writing emails. Rather than long phone calls, we’re leaving short voice messages. Work discussions have moved to chat applications. Long meetings? Still there.

Even in bigger organizations, teams have moved from clunky systems – like ERPs, CRMs, or SCMs – to tools that are faster, more intuitive – but are disconnected from one another. And spreadsheets fill in the gaps.

Employees struggle to make an impact and put their true talent to use – because they’re still bogged down in grunt work to connect tools together.

From emails to the work OS – the whitespace eliminator

All of this work to connect tools, projects, people and processes together has created “whitespace” around our work. Our whitespace – of disconnected tools, ineffective workflows, and badly managed processes – has become so much of our everyday work. We are all working hard to maintain that whitespace.

And while we’ve advanced by leaps and bounds with our technology, our actual day-to-day way of working has barely changed – because of that whitespace.

A work OS gets rid of that whitespace. It eliminates the grunt work, the endless status updates, and the lengthy chat discussions.

Instead of meeting for status updates, you’re checking your work OS. Instead of emailing back and forth on the specifics of a project, you’re communicating directly within the context of your work on your work OS. Instead of spending hours trying to marry those spreadsheets with your tool, you’ve integrated the data into your work OS.

You’ve eliminated your whitespace – giving you and your teams the focus they need – and using a truly modern tool for today’s workplace.

That’s why we made the changes to that we are announcing today. 

monday 2.0: moving towards our vision to get rid of the whitespace

monday 2.0 is our most significant move yet towards achieving our mission to empower every team and organization to achieve more in all aspects of their work. It turns us into a work OS – a hub that plans, tracks, and delivers all kinds of work – from processes, to projects, to workflows.

With monday 2.0, all teams can now build custom workflow apps in minutes, code-free, to get rid of their “whitespace.” They can easily adapt at the speed of business. They can build blocks to design any project, process or workflow with simple drag and drop. Their tools are now connected and housed in one place.

Today, we’re also introducing the ability for technical teams and our business partners to develop and package their own building blocks and create custom business apps – for any workflow, UI, or web and mobile experience – on top of the platform.

This streamlines switching between applications, eliminates dual data entry, and enables decision-making with a single glance. We will provide an app toolkit to the developer community to build whatever they need for their respective workflows.

From new building blocks (e.g. new chart widgets, new UI components) to actually building complete applications, this new feature will open up an myriad of new functionalities to meet your whitespace needs best.

Today, we’ve moved towards eliminating the whitespace in our workplace. And I’m excited to see what the future will hold.


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