A monday.com Report: The State of Workplace Automation

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How to Motivate Workers, Unleash Creativity & Eliminate Burnout

With Americans logging longer hours at work than their international peers, the opportunity for automation of mundane workplace tasks is higher than ever. We released a report on The State of Automation in the Workplace to understand this key trend in the future of work and workers’ relationship with technology.

We surveyed 1,000 US-based employees, aged 22-65 with full-time employment status, to learn more about how they spend time at work and the impact of tedious tasks on creativity, motivation and burnout.

“The future of software lies in allowing teams to collaborate, facilitate transparency and automate mundane tasks so people can see the full picture of their workflow, ” said Matt Burns, Head of Customer Success at monday.com. “This year, monday.com rolled out automations and integrations within our platform – with Jira, Asana, Slack, Dropbox and many others – so that teams can have a central work hub and focus their valuable time on deep work and creative tasks while technology takes care of the rest.”

Here are the key findings of monday.com’s survey on the State of Automation in the Workplace:

Repealing the Repetition

We’re wasting our true skills at work with tedious tasks. A majority of the workforce (54%) believes they would save 5 hours from tools that automate tasks.

24% find tedious data input to be their “biggest time suck at work.”

Over 32% would choose to eliminate repetitive administrative tasks if they could improve one thing about work

Over 70% of those surveyed would love if automation were implemented for routine tasks like calendar invites and data entry

38% of workers feel they could save up to 5 hours each week if they had tools to assist in automated repetitive tasks

16% estimate they could save 10 or more hours per week with automation

Burnt (Out) to a Crisp

The mundanity takes a toll. A majority of workers, 57%, have begun to feel burnout at work.

40% work past their scheduled work hours a few days a week

22% have considered moving to another city because they feel drained from work

Everything is Distracting

Technology, notifications and pings are one of the biggest culprits of work distractions. But so are your colleagues.

41% are distracted by emails, Slack and other notifications

20% are swamped with email overload

45% of workers find that working from home is the ideal work setting to stay focused and inspired

Make Time to Create

With more focus on productivity and output, workers are feeling a lapse in creativity and opportunity to show meaningful work.

30% feel less creative than they used to be

28% want to improve time for creativity and focus at work

An overwhelming 63% of respondents feel they are missing an opportunity to show their best work.


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